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Kane County Collections Attorney

kane county collections attorney

Debt Collection Lawyer Serving Elgin, Gilberts, Dundee, Hampshire, and Throughout the Area

Keeping a small business running requires constant attention to the bottom line. Unfortunately, getting paid for goods or services rendered is often a big challenge. Failing to collect on customer invoices and accounts receivables can wreak havoc on your business and put the future of your business in jeopardy. At Canning Law Offices, we understand how important cash flow is to small businesses, and we have the legal skill and experience to help you recover the debt you are owed.

Debt Collection Services in Elgin, IL

Trying to collect on unpaid debts and delinquent accounts can be frustrating for small business owners. Not only does it cause financial strain, but the time you must devote to trying to collect what you are owed is time you're not spending on your core business. In some cases, seeking legal representation is the best and most efficient option for compelling payment.

Attorney Charles Canning and his team are experienced in handling collections for a wide variety of small businesses, sole proprietors, and professionals. We provide collections representation for all types of businesses including:

  • Plumbers and contractors;
  • Money lenders, credit cards, and banks;
  • Merchants;
  • Physicians;
  • Dentists;
  • And much more.

From drafting and sending legal demand letters to litigating a collections case in court, our firm is skilled in aggressively advocating for our clients' rights to be paid for the goods and services they have provided.

Benefits to Hiring a Collections Attorney

Hiring a collections lawyer may seem like a drastic step to some. However, there are good reasons why hiring an attorney is in the interests of your small business, including:

  • Avoid the timely process of repeatedly contacting the customer to requesting payment. The time you or an employee waste chasing down outstanding payments could be better used by focusing on managing your business on a daily basis and building it for the future.
  • Delinquent customers respond quicker to communication from lawyers and threats of further legal action. With actual consequences in the picture, delinquent customers are often powerfully motivated to settle their bill.

Fees and Costs

As a small business ourselves, we at Canning Law Offices understand that it's a foolish business decision to spend $110.00 on attorney's fees and costs to collect a $100.00 debt. But at the same time, it's an equally foolish business decision not to collect that $100.00 debt if it can be done in a cost efficient manner. Therefore, it's important that you look at the collection of any debt from a cost/benefit analysis: "How much will it cost me to collect that particular debt?"

Just as businesses come in many different forms and sizes, so do their collection problems. For example, one client may have one or two collection cases per year with an average of $15,000.000 while another client may have one hundred collection cases of $200.00 each. However, most debt collection services will treat those two clients the exact same way.

Attorney Charles Canning recognizes that the collection process should vary from business to business and client to client. He will work with you to structure a debt collection system specifically tailored to be cost efficient for YOUR particular business needs. This may include fees billed upon an hourly rate, a flat fee, on a contingent basis (where our fee is based on the amount we actually collect for you), or a combination of any of the three.

At Canning Law Offices, we know that if we can make this process profitable for you, you will see hiring us as your debt collection attorneys as a solid investment in your business's future.

To learn more about how we can help your business collect on outstanding debts, contact us at 847-742-0420 to schedule a free consultation. Our attorney will discuss your business and the types of accounts receivables you are trying to recover. We will then provide you with an informed opinion on whether the debt is recoverable and how much legal intervention is recommended based on the value and probable outcome of the case. Our firm is located in Elgin, Illinois, and we work with small business and professionals throughout Kane, McHenry, and DeKalb Counties. Se Habla Español.